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Why do teeth get extracted?

Most teeth are extracted because of severe tooth decay or when they become loose. Tooth extraction is normally a simple, safe and uncomplicated treatment if proper instructions are followed.

What should you do before an extraction?

Before going to the clinic :

  • Take your meal.
  • Take your medications if you are on any e.g. for heart disease.

During treatment :
  • Inform the dentist if you have any medical problem.
  • Be calm.

What should you do after an extraction?

  • Place and bite gauze properly over the site of extraction for at least ten minutes or until the bleeding stops. If bleeding continues, bite on clean gauze and seek treatment at the nearest dental clinic or hospital immediately.
  • Swallow your saliva.
  • Take the medication as instructed.
  • Do not rinse your mouth within 24 hours.
  • Do not disturb the extraction site with your tongue or finger.
  • Avoid hot drinks or foods.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise.
  • Avoid smoking.

Can complications occur?

Normally the extraction socket will heal within 3-7 days, however complications may occur such as :

  • Persistent pain.
  • Swelling
  • Prolonged numbness
  • Prolonged bleeding or recurrence of bleeding
  • Socket not healing
  • Fever

Consult your dentist immediately if you have any complications.